Qualcomm introduces smart city-oriented IoT Services Suite

Qualcomm Technologies has announced the launch of a new portfolio of Internet of Things (IoT) services designed to deliver end-to-end IoT as a Service (IoTaaS) solutions to transform smart cities and smart connected spaces around the world. The IoT Services Suite is part of the 300-member Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Programme, said the company, which has also inaugurated a new Smart Campus in San Diego.

Qualcomm said its IoT platform provides a comprehensive solution for plug-and-play deployment, from silicon to modules to devices to software and platform integration. When companies and municipalities use the suite, they can bypass common fragmentation, making it easier, quicker and more cost-effective to manage and deploy smart connected spaces, added Qualcomm.

Smart Cities Accelerator Programme member Infinite Computer Solutions provided support for Qualcomm’s IoT Services Suite with its Zyter-branded SmartSpaces platform, which integrates Qualcomm’s chipset-enabled subsystems to support middleware, data operations, cloud services, enhanced security, user experience, analytics, collective intelligence and AI.

Qualcomm’s newly-unveiled Smart Campus in San Diego, meanwhile, is intended to exhibit a real-life use case of commercially available, end-to-end solutions. The campus replicates a city environment including a 5G network and a variety of intelligent capabilities, including smart parking, lighting, transportation, logistics, trash cans and edge-AI cameras for security.