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Electronics maker Asus signs 5G and IoT smart-city partnership in Germany

Taiwanese electronics maker Asus has announced a deal with German media company Media Broadcast to deploy smart-city solutions at various locations across Germany. The agreement is with Asus’s AI and IoT division, called Asus IoT. It will cover the deployment of private 5G campus networks, which Media Broadcast has been handling already in Germany. The focus is on IoT applications for parking, traffic management, security, and street lighting.

Their first contract is with the newly-opened Technology and Innovation Park in Nordheide, southwest of Hamburg. Media Broadcast is running a 5G campus network at the 25-hectare site already. The business park is looking to attract local science and research companies as a well-equipped venue for developing of new 5G and IoT innovations, said a statement.

Norbert Krüger, senior solution manager at Media Broadcast, said: “We look forward to collaborating on more projects with Asus IoT to provide innovation in versatile smart city solutions. We share a vision of advancing AIoT technology to solve future challenges. With the rapid development and reliable product quality that Asus provides, together we can accelerate deployments to create modern cities.”

Casper Lee, regional sales director at Asus IoT, commented: “We are looking forward to creating innovative solutions with Media Broadcast. The core concepts focus on how to make cities more resilient, sustainable and future-proof. And the main goal is to enable data-driven decisions.”

Media Broadcast designs operates multimedia distribution platforms for television and radio. It supplies fiber optic networking to broadcasters, and also manages productions of live events. Since the end of 2020, it has operated its own 5G campus network to work with customers and partners to develop 5G applications for the media sector and other industries.