Tech partnership enables remote client monitoring outside the home

Karantis360, a predictive care management solution, has partnered with SENSEi Networks to enable wide-area remote patient monitoring.

Through the partnership, Karantis360 hopes to enhance its functionality by utilising SENSEi’s LoRaWAN network technology, which allows data communication over a long range, using little power.

The Karantis360 solution uses IoT sensors to monitor the daily activities of vulnerable people being cared for in their own home.

These sensors collect data from various points in the home, such as movement of the individual, the status of doors, use of kitchen appliances, heating and humidity levels.

In a location with a LoRaWAN network, additional sensors can also be used to monitor individuals outside of the home, tracking the location, movements, and – where appropriate – the biometrics of an individual.

The data is then pushed through to the Karantis360 solution where analytics are applied and an understanding of what is happening in and away from the home is visualised – empowering healthcare professionals with the data they need for proactive and informed care decisions.

Damon Thomas, CEO, SENSEi Networks, said: “Partnering with Karantis360, we are excited to combine our respective technologies to make independent living outside of the home possible, bringing families and their loved ones closer together. Right now, with the restrictions in place due to the global pandemic, this is more essential than ever before.”

Helen Dempster, creative visionary officer at Karantis360, commented: “With the NHS and social care sector at its breaking point, technology solutions are essential to reduce the strain on our already overstretched healthcare services and help them to provide the best possible care.

“Our partnership with SENSEi means our solution can provide a complete picture of an individual’s wellbeing both inside and outside the home, enabling a more holistic approach to social care and thereby reducing unnecessary activity such as hospital admissions.”