Talkpool LoRaWAN CO2 meters for COVID safe elections for 45.000 voters in Madrid

Talkpool OY1210 LoRaWAN CO2 meters were installed by Redytel IoT in 65 polling stations in Boadilla del Monte, part of Madrid County, Spain, resulting in a reduction of the risk of spread of COVID-19 in the indoor environments.

It is of crucial importance to have proper ventilation in indoor environments such as classrooms and office spaces in order to minimize the risk of viruses spreading. Voting stations too, are potentially a location for virus ‘super spreading’ events. Large masses of people come by to cast their vote and if the air is not properly ventilated, airborne transmission of viruses are a major danger to the public.

The solution used Talkpool’s wireless LoRaWAN CO2 meters to measure CO2 levels in the voting stations during the Madrid regional elections of 2021. The sensors have a special adaptive reporting functionality, which triggers a data transmission as soon as threshold CO2 levels are passed. Voters could scan QR codes with their phone to access the measurement data and to be ensured that the room was safe to enter.

The event organizers also had access to the data so that they could adjust ventilation accordingly. At levels over 800 ppm an alarm would be triggered so that intervening action could be taken to prevent high risk of spread of COVID-19. Fortunately the alarm wasn’t triggered as the voting event successfully and safely occured on May 4th, 2021.

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