Netmore to buy Talkpool's LoRaWAN network for SEK 7.5 mln

Netmore has signed a declaration of intent to acquire Talkpool's LoRaWAN network and Talkpool will use the consolidated network to deploy its IoT services. The acquisition mainly covers approximately 100 active gateways in strategically important locations in several municipalities. The transaction worth around SEK 7.5 million should be completed during December and will be financed with self-generated funds.

The agreement strengthens Netmore's business in important areas such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Uppsala, Linkoping, Lund, Eskilstuna and Sodertalje. The Talkpool network includes a number of active customers whose ambition is to connect significantly more sensors as the network's geographical scope grows.

Ove Anebygd, CEO of Netmore, said the takeover is a step towards nationwide IoT network and strengthens its range of services and its reach. By taking responsibility for the coverage issue, Netmore will extend a hand to Swedish companies developing IoT services and welcome them to use its network as partners, he said. It sees potential in large-scale IoT and knows that many companies in Sweden and Europe that need the simplicity and scalability it offers.

Stefan Lindgren, CEO of Talkpool, said there is strong demand for its IoT-based services for IMD, environmental certification and energy efficiency. The transfer of the network frees up internal capacity so that Talkpool can focus on accelerating deployment of its existing services and sensors. It also enables a faster and wider roll-out of new services related to moisture, water damage and radon, which require a national network with good coverage.