Ingram Micro partners with MyDevices, advances IoT opportunities for NZ resellers

Ingram Micro has partnered with MyDevices to bring Internet of Things (IoT) functionality and intelligence to partners.

With the introduction of MyDevices to its portfolio, distributor Ingram Micro aims to demystify IoT and equip resellers across New Zealand to create and deploy rapid time-to-value solutions for customers in industries of every kind, the company states.

MyDevices offers a range of more than 400 pre-programmed, pre-configured devices which interoperate with any platform or app, as well as multiple pre-packaged vertical industry solutions.

Creating a MyDevices IoT solution is completed by plugging in the sensor or gateway, then scanning the QR code with the MyDevices app.

This activates the device on the network and on the app, with connectivity to a multitude of applications and platforms.

The devices incorporate LoRaWan connectivity, using the dedicated low-power long range networks which make sensors capable of connecting over kilometres outdoors, and hundreds of metres indoors.

The sensors include everything from detectors for CO2, humidity, temperature and movement, to people counters, electronic mouse traps, GPS asset tracking, and more.

Prepackaged solutions are available for specific business cases.

For example, MyDevices Countario is a rapid-deployed people counting solution which provides real-time visibility of occupancy and space utilisation across large venues, retail and workspaces.

Resellers can order the base solution which offers a gateway one panic button and five beacons, suitable either for Ethernet or cellular connectivity.

The base configuration scales easily by simply adding more sensors and gateways.

Control is provided by the MyDevices app, with functionality including configurable alerts, reports, sensor maps and data history.

With a built-in API, the solution is ready for integration with other line of business applications as required.

Other pre-packaged solutions include the Push&Protect Panic Button Solution, suitable for hotels, hospitals, school campuses, and other organisations.

With wearable panic buttons, Push&Protect is an alert system which accurately reports the location of any employee, anywhere on the property.

In addition, there are solutions available for Cold Chain tracking, Air Quality monitoring, Outdoor Asset Tracking, Gas Monitoring, and much more.

Ingram Micro NZ business manager for networking & IoT Steve Blackmore says, “IoT is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.

"Various market watchers put the value of the global industry in the hundreds of billions, with double-digit growth figures. All that can seem out of reach for local resellers delivering solutions to industries like transport, agribusiness, tourism and hospitality and more here in New Zealand.

"But with MyDevices, the IoT isn't just demystified, it's made very real and accessible."

Blackmore says, “MyDevices makes the creation of sophisticated IoT solutions simple for any reseller. With a range of devices suitable for just about any industry, MyDevices is something of a missing link for resellers looking to get into IoT solution delivery.”

He says, “By providing the IoT application, data visualisation and event management for its own and any other vendors hardware, MyDevices enables super easy adoption of IoT for traditional resellers who don't have teams of developers sitting around to develop on AWS or Azure.

“As a result, he says MyDevices presents exciting opportunities for resellers targeting New Zealand's small to medium enterprises.

"The range of solutions is so extensive that it will appeal to multiple industries where people have noted the potential of IoT but come up short on how to cost effectively go from concept to reality.

"Offered on an as a Service basis, MyDevices delivers everything required, with plans designed to take end user customers from proof-of-concept pilot, through to organisation-wide deployments."