Dubrovnik Schools and Kindergartens Measure Air Quality

Thanks to a project by Hrvatski Telekom and Smart Sense, three elementary schools and five kindergartens in the city of Dubrovnik measure the air quality in their premises in real time. These locations are covered by the largest number of sensors for measuring air quality in Croatia.

The first stage of the project was implemented by installing 120 devices in schools and kindergartens. The installed Smart Sense AirQ Indoor air quality measuring devices enable measurements of CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity in the air, and are connected by modern NB-IoT technology. With this, responsible persons can react in a timely manner to changes in air quality and ventilate the premises so that children have the best conditions for a safe and healthy education.

“Hrvatski Telekom is strategically oriented towards building smart cities aiming to increase the quality of life of citizens through new technologies. The City of Dubrovnik has so far stood out by applying unique smart solutions. With this project we have made a significant step in bringing closer the opportunities that technology provides to the youngest members of our society. I believe that this project can serve as a model for other cities as well,“ said Marijana Bačić, Vice President for Corporate Sales and ICT Services of Hrvatski Telekom.

Sensor installation is a project implemented by the Dubrovnik Development Agency (DURA), as part of numerous activities of digital transformation of the City of Dubrovnik, making Dubrovnik a city “resistant” to global climate, economic, social, and institutional threats. This specific project was prompted by many recent studies that showed that children in educational institutions lose concentration after a long time spent indoors. The research has shown a strong correlation between air quality levels and the rate of transmission of various infectious diseases.

“This project is just one of many smart initiatives within the Smart City of Dubrovnik project that aim to integrate various technologically advanced solutions into one umbrella smart concept. We are positive that innovations in the use of various technologies will improve the quality of life of all citizens, and we are happy that we have also contributed to activities aimed at providing cleaner and healthier air to the children of Dubrovnik,“ said Hana Matanović, director of Smart Sense.