Digita IoT network supports 720 Degrees indoor air quality monitoring, boosting productivity up to 30%

Finnish operator Digita said that 720 Degrees is using its LoRaWAN IoT network to provide indoor air quality monitoring. According to 720 Degrees, its service can increase productivity in working environments by up to 30 percent.

Previously, 720 Degrees had used a different technology to support its products but CEO Rick Aller said that Digita's network operates "in a completely different class compared to international players". Aller said that 720 Degrees can now do installations eight times faster and has reduced maintenance.

According to 720 Degrees' calculation three years ago, Finnish companies lose an average of EUR 266 in work efficiency because of indoor air quality, and as much as EUR 2,080 per employee per year. Aller said that in properties monitored by his company, productivity has increased by as much as 30 percent since the calculation was carried out.

The system offered by 720 Degrees uses Artificial Intelligence to measure temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC), small particles and noise levels, among other things.