Cosmot: 5G Is Here, 3G Is Going

Curtain Throw after two decades of operation Cosmot 3G Network. Cosmot will do 3G Step by step From September 2021 to the end of the year Spectrum will be released, Cosmot will be used for further development and expansion of 4G and 5G networks.

We will phase out the existing 3G network across the country, free up existing spectrum, increase network capacity and allow us To strengthen COSMOTE 4G and 5G networks. Today, 3G, the technology that revolutionized the mobile internet era just 20 years ago, is now considered obsolete. It shows the changing pace of technologies and the need for continuous investment in networks. At COSMOTE, Responding to this request,We brought First in Greece The future of telecommunications, 5G, and we continue to invest heavily to make it available nationwide soon “, Said George Sonis, Executive Director, Network Design & Development, OTE Group.

Removing the 3G network will not affect voice and messaging services (SMS), which will continue to be the normal service. Data services after 3G discontinuation, COSMOTE will support 4G, The Large 4G network In Greece, which has 99% of the population,AndCosmot5G, By the end of 2021, their coverage is expected to exceed 50%.

Internet access through the COSMOTE mobile network is currently only available from here Devices that support 4G networkOr 5G with cardsU-SIM technology. Cosmot has ensured that all its subscribers use data services through 3G devices With Old technology SIM card, Can For immediate and free replacement In a Cosmot or Germanos store. At the same points, subscribers can To check their device (smartphone / tablet / USB stick) Supports 3G services only if desired To replace itWith special discount, Choose from a wide range of 4G and 5G devices. Individuals can call 13888 and businesses can call 13818 to check their SIM card or device. More information about shutting down the 3G network, On the COSMOTE site.