Canopy helps Welsh farmers turn data into action

Australia-based IT company Canopy Tools' IoT software has been adopted for a rural development program in Wales.

The Farming Connect initiative is funded by the Welsh Government, and aims to revitalise rural communities by providing knowledge transfer, innovation and advisory services in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

The program aims to improve the profitability of the sectors while addressing sustainability, competitiveness and environmental performance.

"As part of the Farming Connect program, there are 18 demonstration farm sites located across Wales each using LoRaWAN-based IoT technologies that require remote monitoring,'' said Canopy Tools CEO Craig Adams.

"Canopy Tools' IoT data management software, Canopy Manage, is being used to ensure all gateways are operational and communicating with existing sensors and allows Farming Connect staff and host farmers to access customised data and actionable insights from across the network.

"In addition, Canopy Tools Group offers advisory services to assist on the selection and procurement of additional sensors to both the existing 18 demonstration sites and new sites added to the program when required."

According to Adams, data collected by connected devices is rarely used to its full potential.

"Canopy harnesses the data through ingestion, collection, analysis and then transforms the data to knowledge and wisdom which underpins actions that may be undertaken,'' he said.